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Peter & Wil Scholte,

Peter has been a number of years president of Naar House
North Netherlands.
Wil visit the prostitutes in Groningen.
Together we have been youth leaders in an Evangelical church in

On 17 October 2006, Mission's Flame Ministries founded by
Peter and Will Scholte.   

This was in response to our first real mission trip to Suriname.
The name Mission's Flame comes from the eponymous song
Matt Redman.
The foundation was established after we were invited to participate
in a youth camp in cola creek near Zanderij in Suriname.
A fantastic time we had there.

During our stay in Suriname we got to know a pastor, he invited us to go into the interior.
Pastor would go live in the countryside with his family and church planting. Thus we have supported him.

We have a lot of material, musical instruments, toys, tools and everything that was necessary sent.
We also have had a plumber / elektriecien brought, that education has given
So that local people now can build thair own water and electricity.

In November 2009, we transferred the project to the local church.
In April 2010 we went for the first time to the Philippines.