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Nel is our regular trike driver, he has never asked too much money for a ride. He never wanted to take any tips, he always said, you take care that children can go to school.

Nel is married and has three daughters. Nel and his wife work very hard to support their families.  

We were once again one day with Nel in his trike. Wil in the sidecar and I was sitting at the buddyseat. During the ride Nel told me he had a lot of problems with his trike in recent months. He only worked to pay the repairs. Wil, in the sidecar, saw everything moving, and she saw the road through the cracks, also where the road should not be visible.

Wil was very determined to give Nel a new trike.
We prayed to God and we received an answer.
We invited Nel and his wife. Wil told them that they would get a new trike of Jesus. The next day Peter and Nel bought a brand new trike.
When Peter came to the bank to get the money, it was there.
Actually there should not be enough, but the money was available.

For about 1500,- euro's they bought a brand new Kawasaki 150 cc motorbike with a custom build stainless steel sitecar.

Now Nel can earn money for his family again. He now can take care of his family and send his three doughters to college.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for his whole life." (chinese proverb)