Graduate and have a good job
In April 2010 we went to the Philippines for the first time. We looked around for three weeks and met many people. We only wanted one thing; Protect as many young people from sex tourists.
We go to the Philipines twice a year to see how it is going and do necessarily adjustments.

Save a child.
Help boys and girls in the Philippines so they can go to school.

To protect children for sex trade and trafficking in the Philippines, and improve their situation so that they have a better future.

The people in the Philippines work hard, but they do not make enough money to send their children to school. The families are large and wages are low.
For young people without education there is often only one way to make money: as a prostitute in a bar. It does not matter if you're a boy or girl.

Therefore Mission's Flame Ministries is committed to let children go to school and encourages them to complete the course successfully, so they can graduate.

Make a difference and help a young person in the Philippines!

Initially concerns Highschool, so that they can count, read and write.
After graduation they have the chance to go to university.
As a foundation, we guarantee full training for each student.

We need money to continue this work.
Therefore Mission's Flame is looking for people who want to support a young person in the Philippines.   

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